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Mining was once a booming industry in Marysvale.  Gold, Silver, and other valuable metals brought prospectors and miners to the area from the 1860s through the early 1900s. Some of the mining camps like Bullion, Webster, and Alunite became large communities in their heyday.  Want to Read More Click Here

Between 1868 and 1959 Piute County produced approximately 240,000 ounces of gold. The gold came mostly from the lode mines in the Tushar Range in the western part of the county. Placer gold was originally discovered in Piute County in Pine Gulch Creek south of Marysvale in 1868, but placer gold has not been significant in Piute County.  

Butch Casidy

Few Western outlaws have been more often memorialized in story and folklore than Butch Cassidy -- the alias of Robert LeRoy Parker. Parker was born April 15, 1866 in Beaver, Utah, and was raised by Mormon pioneer parents on a ranch near Circleville, Utah. While a teenager, Parker fell under the influence of an old rustler named Mike Cassidy. Parker soon left home to ride the outlaw trail.
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Canyon of Gold Driving Tour
West of Marysvale Utah, the mouth of Utah's "Canyon of Gold" stretches before you.  From at least 1865, flecks of gold in the creek and veins of gold inside her walls have drawn the hopeful to this canyon by the thousands.
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Marie Windsor

Marie Windsor was born December 11, 1922, in Marysvale, Utah, and belongs in that very select group of gifted actresses who were able to build a remarkably long career by being a shining light in mediocre, or even hopelessly bad, films. The limitations of her career didn’t hurt her personal life either. She is a remarkably sensible woman with a good marriage and a healthy attitude about life, dismissing any regrets about her career with the comment: “How could I be bitter when I’ve loved every bit of what I have been doing in films?!” 
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Marysvale Petitions for Township

April 6, 1914 The voters in the Marysvale Precinct, County of Piute, State of Utah, petitioned the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Piute County for the incorporation of  the Township of Marysvale.

Approved April 6th, 1914
Recorded at the request of J.F. Gibbs, April 18, 1914 at 9:00 A.M
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The Silver King Mine

This mine is named the Silver King and was claimed by Brigham Daniel Darger of Spanish Fork, Utah in 1894. Ore extracted from the 1,000 foot long adit (i.e., mine tunnel) above the cabin was hauled by mule and wagon to the 5 arrastras on nearby Deer Creek.
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Want to know more Piute County History?

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