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ATV Photo Gallery 1

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m1.jpg 57.98 K
Trail 01, In an Aspen Grove, North of Manning Reservoir & East of Marysvale.

m2.jpg 57.92 K
Trail-02, Marysvale Loop, Dry Creek Canyon with the Falls in the background.

m3.jpg 48.78 K
Trail-01, North End Of Tibadore.

m4.jpg 32.67 K
Overlook South of Paiute Reservoir & West of Junction Utah.

m5.jpg 46.35 K
Exploring an Abandoned Mining Mill Site on a Side Trail along Cottonwood Creek

m6.jpg 30.50 K
Mount Baldy

m7.jpg 36.97 K
Trail-01, At the Timberline West of Marysvale, Utah.
Mount Baldy in the Background

m8.jpg 34.37 K
Another View of Trail-01 at the Timberline West of Marysvale, Utah.

m9.jpg 39.76 K
And Yet Another View of Trail-01 at the Timberline
West of Marysvale, Utah. MT. Baldy in the Background.

m10.jpg 52.80 K
Trail-01, Langdon Mountain, Between Dry Creek & the Big Knoll.

m11.jpg 51.00 K
Trail-01, North of Pole Canyon Turn Off.

m12.jpg 37.13 K
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Looking West across the Sevier River.
( Yes, It Is The One The Songs About. )

m13.jpg 35.62 K
A Pleasant Valley Near Box Creek Reservoir.

m14.jpg 33.25 K
A Rest Stop Along the Trail Near Box Creek Reservoir.

m15.jpg 25.27 K
The Meadows Near Box Creek Reservoir at Dusk.

m17.jpg 60.08 K
Trail-01, The North End of Tibadore Mountain.

m18.jpg 54.42 K
Trail-01, Aspen Pole Fence Line
The North End of Tibadore Mountain.

m19.jpg 53.99 K
Lunch Break in Cottonwood Canyon.

m20.jpg 58.59 K
Cottonwood Canyon South of Marysvale, Utah.

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