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GPS Information
Ok Ladies and Gents we finaly got all the Paiute ATV GPS information together,
but we have decided to place it on our other website.

Please Check it out!
We have more information than we know what to do with.

GPS related information you will find there:    Venture.jpg

Since loading waypoints into a GPS manually can be tedious and potentially disastrous (sometimes you don't realize you programmed an "E" waypoint as a "W" waypoint until you are lost). We have assembled PAIUTE ATV Waypoints and
           FREE software for your PC to upload them to your GPS.

  • Detailed Topographic Maps showing highlighted ride routes with estimated time and distances, a real help if you want to know if a ride will last longer than you will.   Interesting things to see along the way with GPS waypoints showing you the route.  Now this is information RICH.
  •  Geocaching.  This amounts to a high tech treasure hunt.
    Look on the web at  geocaching icon to see geocaches within 150 miles of Marysvale to get details on how it works, how to find and place your own Geocache.
    Check out our geocache and information on geocaches on and around the trail.

GPS and Mapping related links:

  • How Stuff Works - Description of how your GPS works.
  • - GREAT site for learning about how to use Maps compass and a few basic tools.  Lots of great advice and a few inexpensive and free tools.
  • Sam Wormleys GPS site - WOW, everything you want to know about GPSs.  Need a waypoint?  A Map?  A Tutorial on how your GPS works?  Advice on which GPS to buy?  Want to know what the Russians use for GPS?
  • Joe Mahaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS web site .  - Everything you EVER
        wanted to know concerning GPS's. Go here.
  • Free Topographic maps online.  Around Marysvale , across the World . Free is good, but these digital versions of traditional maps lack annotation and can be difficult to print and use effectively.  The net effect is you can be data rich and information poor.
  • Free Map viewing software.  You'll need this if you download  free map data.


A word on buying a GPS:  In the authors humble opinion you do not need to spend a lot of money on a GPS.  GPS's are like VCRs.  Every little feature costs a few dollars more so the first thing to decide is how much $$$ you want to spend.  Many GPSs have mapping features.  This might work well but it should NEVER replace a quality map.  At best you are forced to view the map through a 2" window which makes detail impossible.  The type of maps you need along the Piute ATV trial are Topographic, which means lots of detail and since the trail covers such a large area and it is quite impossible to "scan" the map for nearby (or far way) items.  At worst you will be highly  dependent on the lifespan of the batteries in your GPS and may find yourself with neither map nor GPS.  The same goes for compass and altimeters. Use your GPS as a GPS, your compass as a compass and your altimeter as a doorstop.  So don't spend another $100 getting those functions in a GPS. Get a GPS that can store a few recorded tracks and routes.  Personally we like the Garmin Etrex Venture.  Stores plenty of waypoints and tracks.  Can track back, sort and categorize waypoints.  Best of all it is small, tough , accurate and easy to learn how to use.  The only reason we like it better than the Garmin Etrex is it can store multiple tracklogs and routes. Think twice about buying a used older model to save money.  Make sure it has 12 channels.  This technology has changes a LOT in the past few years so unless you can get one for $20, and expect to get $20 of use out of it, then pass.

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