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Come join us on a virtual tour of Utah's historic "Canyon of Gold".

The following has been recreated from our "Canyon of Gold driving tour brochure,
available at most retailers in Piute County. 
The "Canyon of Gold" Driving Tour and Miners Park were envisioned by and this article
written by Bob Leonard.

The Trailhead

Since the earliest days of human civilization, gold has enticed the souls of most mortal men.....

Photo Courtesy Utah State Historic Society

Help Preserve our Heritage

During the early days the miners of Bullion Canyon paned their own gold from the creek.  When the placer gold played out, mining operations became expensive because tunnels had to be dug into the mountain.  At this point many of the independent miners sold their claims to small companies with capitol and stockholders.

West of Marysvale Utah, the mouth of Utah's "Canyon of Gold" stretches before you.  From at least 1865, flecks of gold in the creek and veins of gold inside her walls have drawn the hopeful to this canyon by the thousands.

For the next while (1-2 hours if actually driving the tour), this brochure will introduce you to the life and times of the miners of Bullion Canyon.  Numbers in this brochure correspond to numbered posts found along the next 2.5 miles of the road.  The road is rough in spots but is passable by most two-wheel drive vehicles.

At this point set your odometer to "0"
Stop 1 is 0.6 miles past the trailhead.
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