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Gold Facts & References

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Gold Facts & References
Before 1974, the price of gold was $35/oz.  Now it's about $380 (at the time this article was written.)

The world leader in gold production was the old USSR with about 300 metric tons produced annually. (USA - 134 metric tons annually)

One cubic foot of gold weighs about 1,206 lbs.

There are an estimated 9 billion metric tons of gold in the oceans of the world.

Gold melts at 1,945.4 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 2,966.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gold ore with as little as 1 part gold to 300,000 parts of worthless material can be mined at a profit.

One of the largest gold nuggets ever found was turned up by a wagon wheel in Australia (1869) and weighed 159 lbs. ($966,720 current value).

About 1 oz of gold can be drawn into a wire 0.000005 inch thick and 62 miles long.


The following books will add much detail about Spanish exploration and gold mining in southern Utah.


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