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Township Petition

Petition of the Town of Marysvale

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Piute County, Greeting:

Your Petitioners respectfully represent that we, the undersigned, are legal voters in the Marysvale Precinct, County of Piute, State of Utah, and believing that the material, moral and hygienic interests of the residents of Marysvale will be better conserved and advanced by embracing the opportunities and advantages of a town organization as set forth in Chapter 23 of the Compiled Laws of the State of Utah, 1907, we therefore respectfully petition your Honorable Body that we b constituted a body corporate and politic under the following name and boundaries to-wit:

That the name of the town or body politic by Marysvale; and that the geographical area of the said town be comprised within the following described boundaries:

Beginning at the intersection of the South line of Section Twenty (20), Township twenty seven (27) South, Range five (5) West and the County line; thence East to the Southeast Corner of Section Nineteen (19) Township Twenty-Seven (27) South, Range Four (4) West; thence North to Sevier County line; thence Est to the East line of Section Thirty One (31) Township Twenty-Six South, Range Two (2) West; thence South to the Southeast Corner of the Northwest quarter of Section Thirty (3), Township Twenty Seven (27) South, Range Two (2) West; thence est to the Center of Section Twenty-Nine (29) Township Twenty-seven (27) South, Range Three (3) West; Thence South one-half (1/2) mile; thence west one (1) mile; thence south one (1) mile; thence west one and one half (1-1/2) miles; thence south one (1) mile; thence west to Beaver County line; thence Northwest along the said Beaver County line to place of beginning.

And as in duty bound our petitioners will ever pray.


  • J.W. Sargent
  • Frank Wright
  • James Lee
  • Reuben DeWitt
  • Minnie DeWitt
  • J.D. Gibbs
  • Thos. Black
  • J.D. Bertelsen
  • Emily Bertelsen
  • Mrs. J.B. Tate
  • D.L. Hall
  • A.P. Epling
  • C. Hamel
  • G.T. Eayers
  • E.P. Johnson
  • Lottie Johnson
  • Allice Williams
  • Wm. T. Dennis
  • Maggie Dennis
  • W.C. Kennedy
  • Clyde E. Tilford
  • Joseph Borg
  • C.R. Luten
  • Leonard Stark
  • Laura A. Sargent
  • F.E. King
  • Marcia F. King
  • Mrs. H. Spencer Gibbs
  • James Long Jr.
  • Mrs. James Long
  • Mrs. G.T. Eayrs
  • Max Krotki
  • Mrs. John Sandberg
  • Mrs. Alf Fennemore
  • Mrs. Sidney Black
  • Laura Stark
  • Rosetta Stark
  • Earl Willes
  • Henry Kiefer
  • Hattie Kiefer
  • C.L. DeWitt
  • N.A. Farry
  • Jas. A. Sargent
  • Geo. Haws
  • William E. White
  • Nelson Johnson
  • Homer Taylor
  • James A. Lane
  • R.I. Blakeslee
  • Ernest Hannon
  • C.A. Blakeslee
  • F.A. Hagedorn
  • John Howes
  • Mrs. John Howes
  • J.H. Epling
  • Geo. W. Quinn
  • Sadie Quinn
  • Mable Kennedy
  • DeWitt C. Tate
  • W.G. Bleak
  • John W. Henry
  • Mrs. Birdie Stocks
  • Pearl L. Gibbs
  • Laura Bell
  • Williamette Munson
  • F.A. King
  • John H. Bertelsen
  • J.W. Kelly
  • Mrs. J.W. Kelly
  • W.T. King
  • John Sandberg
  • Al Fennemore
  • Jasper Williams
  • Samuel L. Page
  • Cienea Page
  • T.E. Knaus
  • Trols Sandberg
  • Arthur King
  • Effie King
  • Mrs. T.E. Knaus
  • James Stocks
  • C.P. Cherrington
  • Chas. King
  • Catherine Foisy
  • Mrs. W.L. Kinney
  • W.L. Kinney
  • B.T. Ashby
  • E.W. Ashby
  • Mrs. M.H. Walker
  • Thos. Howes
  • Lafe King
  • Allen Cameron
  • Benj. Cameron, Jr.

Approved April 6th 1914

Acting Chairman County Commissioners: Garfield James

Attest: John Morrill, Clerk

by Edin E. Sprague, Deputy

Recorded at the request of J.F. Gibbs, April 18, 1914 at 9:00 A.M.

Carrie A. Henry, recorder.

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