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Tips & Equipment

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One of the great joys of riding an ATV is that you are out in the open air with a wraparound view. There is no glass, plastic, or metal between you and the environment. The other side of the coin is that you are in direct contact with the elements. While it might be a nice warm day when you start out from town in the morning, it might suddenly get very cold and wet in the afternoon when a sudden thunderstorm hits you on the top of the mountain. For these reasons you should carry these fifteen essentials with you on the ATV:

1. Extra fuel
2. Tire repair kit
3. Tire inflation can
4. Repair tools
5. Rain coat or poncho
6. Warm, long sleeve jacket
7. Dark glasses
8. Map and compass
9. First aid kit
10. Extra food
11. Water and pump
12. Nylon cord (suitable for towing an ATV)
13. Sun screen lotion
14. Extra hat
15. Dust mask
16. A Smile :-)

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The following suggestions are intended to make your ATV ride safe and enjoyable so you will want to return to the Paiute ATV Trail. Your focus on safety should start before you leave home and continue until all the equipment is put away.

    Before you start out, let a responsible person know where you are going, what route you intend to take, and when you intend to return. Make a contingency plan in case you don't return on time. Also find out what weather to expect, and be prepared with the proper clothing and equipment. If you are coming from outside the area, check on trail and weather conditions by contacting the Forest Service or BLM offices listed below.

    While riding always wear a helmet, gloves, boots, shatter resistant eye protection, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Eye protection is necessary because branches can stick out over the trail to poke even the most wary rider Also, flying dust, rocks, and insects can get into unprotected eyes. The other safety clothing is for sudden spills that can be caused by ruts, rocks, or roots that can throw an ATV off-course and into a spill.

    Traveling with headlights on allows other riders to see you more easily and avoid collisions. Headlights make it easier for party members to keep an eye on each other.

    Don't push yourself beyond your limits either in the speed or distance you plan to travel. Exceeding either limit leads to fatigue and loss of control which can cause accidents. The Paiute ATV Trail is meant for leisurely travel, at least three days are needed to travel the main loop.

    You should plan to carry plenty of water or other non alcoholic liquid with you. Unless you are used to the aridity of Utah you can lose more body fluids than you realize, leading to dehydration and exhaustion. Do not drink water straight from streams. Giardia, a water-born disease-causing organism, is in the streams and can ruin a good vacation. If possible drink only from approved and marked water sources. Otherwise, boil the water or use a filter pump to remove disease-causing organisms. "Water purification" tablets are not enough.

 Do not drink alcohol and ride. As with autos, riding an ATV while under the influence can lead to serious accidents.

    Lastly, plot your progress on a map. This will help you keep track of where you are so you don't get lost. After the trip, the marked-up map will remind you of how long it took to get between points and will remind you of what you saw. It will make a great tool for filling out journals or describing your trip to your friends.

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